Doing everything right but not losing weight? Find out why.

If you are a fitness freak, then you know that your body is a temple. Eat right, drink right, exercise right, and take care of your temple. Nowadays, owing to stagnant lifestyles, exercising and dieting have become a ‘must-do’ thing. But weight loss is not only about dieting or exercising. There are several factors that affect our bodies. Some that are obvious and you are aware of, while some that are not. Let us look at both these categories and where you could possibly be going wrong. DIETS: Most often people forget that everybody is different, what may work for some does not necessarily work for others. Hence, no matter what diets such as Keto, Paleo, vegan, and gluten-free have to offer, first, know your body well. Diets like these can go two ways, they will either help or be the reason you put on more weight. Having said that, diets do form a part of the weight loss plan, and if done right will help you lose weight. It has been noticed that people who are overweight and want to lose immediately go on a diet, which initially helps them but later backfires. Diets are a lifestyle choice. Always keep in mind that if you decide to diet, it needs to be a slow and gradual process. Going from eating everything one day to not eating anything at all from the next sends your body into a binge. Therefore, before going on a diet consulting with a nutritionist or your doctor is a good way forward. SEDENTARY LIFE: You might be going to the gym every day for an hour at least but, studies have proven that sitting in front of a computer all day and then giving your body half an hour of exercise does not always help. Research has suggested that one should try and get in at least 10,000 steps per day to lose weight. Hence, the use of smart wearable’s in the market is a good choice. The Apple Watch, Fitbit, Fasttrack watch, all these devices help you keep track of your steps, sleep, heart rate, and calories. This in turn helps you track better and helps you improve your lifestyle. STRESS: The world today is fast-paced and the competition cutthroat. Everybody wants to make it somewhere in life and for this, they work for 15-16 hours a day. Some people working in call centers need to work odd hours to cater to international markets. These kinds of lifestyles are often known to take a toll on a person’s health. Losing weight is a journey that requires the presence of both mental and physical awareness. We are so busy in our work and at the gym that we often forget mental peace is also important. Very often when we realize symptoms of stress we look to medication or supplements instead of taking a step back and taking it slow. Our bodies are not machines and yet we end up treating them that way. Our body requires a detox every now and then, recuperation is a natural process and we need to give it the time. Therefore, stress-induced workouts do not work. Mental presence is as important while working out as physical presence is. CHEW YOUR FOOD: Despite eating right and exercising if you are still unable to shed the fat it could be because you do not chew your food properly. It might sound silly but chewing your food works wonders for your digestive system. When you do not chew your food properly there is troubling digesting it, therefore, slowing down your metabolism. This can further result in weight gain and not a loss. A healthy metabolism is important for weight loss. A solution for this is to eat slowly and mindfully which also helps in portion control. EXERCISING TOO MUCH: You might be exercising every day but it must be more than your body needs. Though exercising definitely helps with weight loss, too much of it can result in the opposite effect. Spending two hours in the gym is okay, but spending two hours in the gym plus going for long runs and walks over the weekend creates more hunger. While exercising you burn your calories, excess exercising creates that much hunger. When there is excess hunger, control is compromised as your body has lost all the energy received. Hence, exercise only up to the required limit. MEDICAL CONDITIONS: Everything you are doing is right. Working out, eating right, sleeping right, drinking enough water, but still not losing weight. There can be a medical condition you are not aware of. Consulting with your doctor and getting the required tests done will help you understand the problem. Thyroid, PCOS, and a few other factors can be why you are not able to chuck that weight. If there is a medical condition, then you can also go on a suitable diet and focus on the right exercises. Keeping all of this in mind try and do the right thing by knowing your body in and out. Understand what works and what does not work for your body before committing to a fad diet. Lastly, there are also supplements that you can use while trying to reduce weight but all your supplements should of good quality and standards. Buy protein supplements online from an authentic online supplements store.