Muscle Blaze Beta Alanine Pre-Workout 100G

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About this item
MuscleBlaze Beta-Alanine contains 100% pure CarnoSyn which is the only food grade beta-alanine approved by the NAI, USA
Beta Alanine by MuscleBlaze is one of the vital amino acids that may show an increase in the concentration of carnosine in the muscles which reduces fatigue
Consumption of beta-alanine helps enhance the endurance during your workouts by keeping you active and energized for the longer duration
MuscleBlaze Beta-Alanine is unflavored and can be combined with any other pre-workout drink to get a quick energy refill

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🎯Authorized Brand - Workout Energy Fitness Solutions Private Limited

🚚Fast Shipping Average time: 1-3 days for Delhi-NCR or 3-5 days rest of India - FREE Delivery on orders > ₹500.

💯Genuine Products are directly procured from the authorized importers of the brand.

Product Description
MuscleBlaze Beta-Alanine: High Endurance, High Performance
MuscleBlaze Beta-Alanine: High Endurance, High Performance

Beta-alanine is a precursor to carnosine synthesis in your body. Carnosine is a buffering agent that is found naturally in the skeletal muscles of your body. Carnosine is an enzyme that helps in boosting the performance at the gym and delays the onset of muscle fatigue. This allows you to work out for longer durations. When your workout duration is extended, you see greater results and reach your fitness goals faster.

MuscleBlaze Beta-Alanine is made from 100% CarnoSyn, the only beta-alanine licensed under NAI’s global patent estate for use as a human dietary supplement.


Beta Alanine

Boosts Endurance

MuscleBlaze Beta-Alanine is made from 100% CarnoSyn. CarnoSyn is the brand name used for the Beta-alanine manufactured by NAI, US. It is the only Beta-alanine with the New Dietary Ingredient status for use as human dietary supplement. It is scientifically proven to be safe and effective and has been tested for banned substances. It is the only Beta-alanine with 16 global patents.

2.25g Beta-Alanine
MuscleBlaze Beta-Alanine fuels you with 2.25g Beta-Alanine per serving that helps in boosting endurance, enhancing athletic performance, and delaying muscle fatigue. It is also helpful in letting you gain lean muscle mass. It boosts the overall health of an individual.

Boosts endurance
Beta-alanine is helpful in improving muscle endurance. It can enhance training volume and reduce the levels of fatigue which leads to improved athletic performance. With increased endurance, you can work out for longer durations which leads to lean muscle mass gains.

Delays muscle fatigue

Improves Athletic performance

pre-workout stack

Delays muscle fatigue
With the increase in workout intensity, the demand for energy increases, and due to this the body shifts from aerobic metabolism to glycolysis (anaerobic metabolism) for energy. This leads to the generation of additional H+ ions in your body that accumulate in muscle tissues as lactic acid, affecting the performance by increasing fatigue levels. Beta-alanine offers buffering agent carnosine that helps in delaying fatigue.

Improves athletic performance
Beta-Alanine is known for boosting athletic performance. Beta-alanine enhances your workout capacity and reduces muscle fatigue. With increased capacity to exercise and lower levels of fatigue, you perform better at the gym.

Make your pre-workout stack
MuscleBlaze offers a variety of supplements with various essential ingredients. You can combine MuscleBlaze Beta-Alanine with any other supplement of your choice like L-arginine, L- Citrulline, Creatine etc. to meet your specific goals. MuscleBlaze products are made with premium ingredients and offer you the leverage of making your own pre-workout stack as per your needs.

Authenticity Guaranteed
Authentication guaranteed
To ensure the delivery of authentic and genuine products to you, each pack of MuscleBlaze Beta-Alanine comes with a unique authentication code. Text this code on the given number or mail it on the given email address to ensure that you have received a MuscleBlaze original product.

Important information
Safety Information:
Consult your healthcare professional before using this product if you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication or have a medical condition. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

Beta Alanine

Add 01 scoop (2.25g) in 100-150 ml water or your preworkout drink. Recommended 02 servings per day.

Weight 1 kg

44 Servings


100 g


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